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Locally raised × wild, free-range


Wayward Mountain Farms is a provider of wild raised, free-range meats.



Eating wild raised, free-range meats brings back the native diet of animals; allowing them to forage on pasture and healthy soils. This process does not include fattening animals on grain, soy or other supplements. Nor does it include hormones or growth-promoting additives. Instead, wild raised aimals are free to explore their natural habitat and to live as nature designed. Because of this, wild raised animals live low-stress, nutrient rich lives- lives that are so healthy there is no reason to treat them with preventative antibiotics or other drugs. 

So, How does it work? 

Wayward Mountain Farms is a meat CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). We provide direct Farm-To-Table service by cutting out the use of a conventional grocery store. Why cut out the grocery store? Because in order to legally sell from a conventional grocery store, the FDA requires that certain methods are used to "properly" handle your meat, which may include: adding preservatives, washing meat in bleach or ammonium hydroxide (ammonia), treating meat with Carbon Monoxide so it retains it's red color longer, and even exposing meats to Ionizing Radiations. Wayward Mountain Farms uses custom exempt butchers that process meat with care in a sanitary environment, but do not add, alter, or disguise your meats. This is in addition to our already beyond organic farming practices. Your meat is simply, your meat!

So, how can we sell to you outside of the conventional grocery store? A meat CSA runs on membership shares. Legally, you must own part of the meats you are purchasing in order to use a custom exempt butcher and receive meats outside of a conventional store setting. Additionally, you are partnering with our farm to promote and grow the farm for your community. Membership shares are used to buy new livestock, sow seed, invest in healthy feed, and much more! Therefore, when you join Wayward Mountain Farms, you will purchase shares in the farm through your yearly membership. Once you are a member, you can then purchase your farm meat through one of our outlets- either Direct or through our local Marketplaces. Direct Buy consists of bulk orders of 15 or 30 pound boxes and are ordered online through this website, and then picked up at the selected drop off location that is nearest to you. Direct Buy will also give you the best bang for your buck as prices are designed for bulk purchasing. Buying through one of our Marketplaces offers you the flexibility of picking up your meat at your convenience and selecting specific cuts of meat to buy; you purchase as much or as little as you need. Also, as a shareholder in our farm, we are always open so you can schedule a tour and come out and see the animals your are invested in! 



(865) 208-0767



Knoxville, Seymour-Sevierville,
Maryville-Alcoa, Fountain City-Halls, Powell-Karns, and Roane County..


farm tour times

Mon 1:00 pm
Sat 10:30 am
by appointment only

Direct buy

CSA direct buy members receive their products by picking them up at drop off locations all troughout the area that the CSA serves. Search below by day of the week, or by drop off location name, to find the best drop off location for you! 

 Then, head on over the the Place Your Order page and reserve your meat! Our boxes are available in fifteen pound or thirty pound varieties. You can select which meats you want; beef, pork, chicken, turkey, rabbit, chevon, or boxed combinations. We also sell free-range eggs to our CSA members. You can place your order online, select your drop off location, and then we will meet you with your box of meat from your herd!




Wayward Mountain Farms Marketplace's provide an opportunity for our members to have more convenience in buying their meats. We partner with local businesses who stock the meats they select and keep them on hand for our members to purchase when ever they are at the location. You simply pick the meat you want, show your membership mobile app at the register, and purchase your meat. 

WMF Marketplace's also provde individual cuts. When purchasing from a Marketplace you do not have to purchase in bulk quantities. You simply select what you want, and pay the price per pound on the cuts you select. 

Also, our Marketplace partners regularly run specials for our CSA members! Specials will be posted to your mobile app. 


If you are interested in becoming a WMF Marketplace, please email us at info@waywardmountainfarms.com. 

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John and Melissa began their journey with grass fed beef and meat CSA's in 2013. They began buying from a local farm in Tennessee, not only buyig the meat but regularly visiting the farm and learning about the practices of raising free-range animals. In 2015 John & Melissa were able to buy a home with acreage in the South Knoxville area. They began to raise their own wild raised, free range animals for family consumption. But quickly, they noticed the need for more availabilty within their community to natural, clean meats. 

Their family is excited to begin the journey of serving their community with wild raised, free range meats & eggs. 

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Chris & Tracey Pressnell

Chris & Tracey reside in Maynardville, TN. Their families comes from a long line of raising animals and butchering meat. Chris & Tracey have 7 kids together and have always raised their own meat for their family. They believe that animals should be raised on what they are naturally designed to eat, and they pride themselves in raising good, clean quality meats. 

Chris & Tracey met John & Melissa over three years ago and as the two families began to see the need in their communities for more nautral, clean meats- they decided to join forces and bring forth Wayward Mountain Farms. Their familty is excited about this opportunity to serve their community with wild raised, free range meats & eggs. 

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the helpers

Anyone who has ever had a farm knows that farming is a family affair. Both families use farmwork to teach their children the value of hard work and how working as a team can lead to great results. 

The kids help out with farm chores, caring for the animals, marketing for the farm, drop off's, and even learning how to manage the business finance. The kids even get a chance to participate in the business venture through investing in their own livestock and earning their own money through the sale of such.